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19 June 2014 @ 01:00 pm
Oh my god. This hayfever is truly horrific. My eyes itch, I feel like I have a cold, and it makes me so tired. Also - to top it all off I had horrific period pain this morning (TMI?)

I have applied for a secondment to the acute medical admissions unit in my local hospital. I love the job I'm doing, but I need a new challenge. My interview is tomorrow. Hella' scary - but exciting mostly :-)

I'm meeting one of my best friends tonight, haven't seen her since my birthday (March) - so it's a long overdue dinner date catch up.

IMG_8446 IMG_8484

Really miss all my best girls. Work and life just gets in the way.
23 November 2013 @ 12:44 am
Okay, So. I haven't posted here in 3 years.

Life has..obviously changed a lot, haha.

1. I'm engaged. To the same boy I used to talk about in all my entries from 2008/2009.. :)
2. We own our own house.
3. We have two kittens.
4. I am a nurse, started my job at the end of September.
5. He isn't in Stornoway anymore! (hallelujah!)
6. I am happier than I was at 18 haha.

SO. If you still read this let me know :-)
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